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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yugo M70AB2 modification project (part I)

Let's talk AK mods. There are those out there who are completely against it, and view it as a sin and then there are those of us who appreciate the classic AK look, but don't see anything wrong with updating our rifles with all the bells and whistles that modern society has to offer. I happen to be one of the later. Now, I didn't get crazy here, but decided to change the sights, grips, and add a cushioned recoil pad.

My rifle started out as a standard, no frills factory model Yugo m70ab2 undefolder AK type rifle. I think that factory handguards on the m70ab2 are somewhat boring looking, so I swapped them out with an AK-47 Leapers UTG M70 Yugo Tactical Quad Rail. This allows me to add optics and grips, etc. I put a Bushnell Trophy red dot on it, and zeroed it in at about 25 yards. It works great.

I also added a recoil pad, as the metal underfolding stock against my shoulder wasn't horrible, but didn't feel that great either. I have yet to try this out while firing the file, but it feels really nice when I shoulder it.

Here's what the rifle looked liked after adding these mods.

I was pretty happy until I saw a site online where they were adding H&K front and rear sights to AK's. Now that looks cool. So, I bought some HK G3 front and rear sights and had my local gunsmith put them on. He did a great job, but I should have told him to put the front sight post on as close to the gas block as possible. Well, my father and a friend cut a piece of conduit and welded it to the gas block. I think that it looks pretty darn cool. The weld is a bit rough, but looks cool. I applied a coat of aerosol Hi-Heat Spray Paint (made for use on grills, etc.) to give it a flat look and paint the metal conduit pipe. I have to wait another 48 hours to added another coat.

Here are some pics of the unfinished AK mod. I have the rifle tapped in order to paint it. I can't wait to add the final coats of paint and take this baby out for a test drive. I will post the final pics, along with a video and range report once it's ready. In the meantime, here are some pics of the mod in its current stage.

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  1. its really easy to remove the furniture from an AK. the pistol grip comes off with one flat screw. the foregrip needs no tools at all. field strip, then flip up the lever to the right of the rear sight then lift off the gas tube. with the gas tube out of the way you can see the lever needed to take off the lower handguard. flip the lever up, then slide up the foreward metal holder for the lower handguard. its that easy and your future paint jobs will probably come out a little better. nice blog.