Custom Firearm Furniture Finishing

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Steel Case .223 Russian Ammo Wolf, Brown Bear, Silver Bear &Tula in my POF USA Gas Piston AR

am going to test four different types of two different manufacturers' .223 Russian ammo in my POF P-415 upper. I will test the following ammo:

Wolf 55 grain FMJ, Silver Bear

Silver Bear .223 62grn HP

Wolf Military Classic .223 55grn FMJ

Brown Bear .223 55grn FMJ

I plan on firing 40 rounds of each. Much like wine tasting, I want to make sure that my upper has a "clean pallet" for each flavor of ammo. I want to know what steps I can take between firing each type of ammo to insure a "fresh start", and be able to accurately note/judge each type of ammo. What I'm trying to see is which type of ammo will feed reliably in this POF upper. I had several stuck cases using Tula 62 grain HP.


2010 Annual Pumpkin Shootout Mossberg 500 Style

November 2010, the annual pumpkin shootout. It was a nice autumn day and perfect for shooting some pumpkins. My brother Pete tried out his new Mossberg 500 for the first time. Those pumpkins didn't stand a chance!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

First Real Day of Fall 2010 Shooting Session

My bro. and I took went to the range on what seemed to be the first real day of autumn in the Southeast. Finally, some range time where we were shooting and not sweating bullets.

We took some of the Tula .223 62 grain HP ammo out and sighted in my AR, which didn't like the stuff at all. I had several stuck casings after about 30 rounds. :(

My SAR 3 loved it though. I am tempted to try some of the Wolf 55 gr. ammo in my AR to compare it to the Tula. I don't remember if Wolf is made at the Tula factory or Uly.

Oh, I thought that I through in some mock tactical action for laughs. No offense to those who are serious about that stuff.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

AC Competition Shooters at the Alabama Multigun

Here's another tactics and skill video from one of the posters on  This video features some nice AK's.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Weapons and Tactics Training Video

Here's a pretty interesting video of several guys having what looks like a lot of fun while training.

BCM, CMMG, Colt, LMT, LWRC, Noveske, Springfield

Beretta, Glock, H&K, Para Ordnance, Sig Sauer, S&W

ATS, Blackhawk, Bladetech, Diamondback Tactical, Eagle, Emdom, ESSTAC, HSGI, Magpul, MSA, Norotos, Ops-Core, Peltor, Raven Concealment, Safariland

Shot with a Canon 5DMKII + 70-200 f/2.8 IS L

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Testing the Shockwave Clipped & Pinned SUO Lower on Century Arms C93 Sporter HK 93 Clone

On Saturday I was able to test the Shockwave C & P "SUO" H&K Lower on my Century Arms C93 Sporter (HK 93 Clone).  It was very easy to install and guess what...?...It worked!  No tweaking, adjusting, messing around with anything!  The grip is really nice and a major improvement over the Navy style lower.  It made the rifle a lot nice to look at, and more importantly, a lot more fun to shoot.  For $50, you can't go wrong.  I definitely recommend this upgrade.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Smith & Wesson Model 469 9mm Pistol

S&W Model 469

Yet another trip to the countryside "range".  This time I spray painted some milk jugs neon orange, which looked pretty cool after being shot.  The holes showed up well from a distance as the dispersed the painted marked them.

James brought out a S&W Model 469 9mm semi-auto pistol.  It was pretty fun to shoot.  This pistol had a double-action trigger, which took some getting used to.  I came with a 12 round magazine, but I found out that it can use 59 series magazines which hold 15 rounds.  The pistol was all black, with an allow frame. 

The sights were not bad.  The pistol has a yellow line for the front sight and a white "post" for the rear.  It took a while to get used to.  We shot Federal and Remington brass 115 grain ammo.  No problems of any kind.  Overall, it was pretty fun and I wouldn't mind shooting this pistol again.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Romy SAR 3 Review

As I mentioned before, I have several different mags for my Romanian SAR 3 5.56x45 AK.  I love AK type rifles in 5.56x45, but the lack of standardized mags is a bit of a drawback.  However, with a bit of modification, several types of magazines can be used.  A few do not even need to be moded. 

The rifle came with what I believe is a modified AK 74 mag done by CAI.  The floorplate says .223, but it only feeds well with about 20 rounds.  I bought some Bulgy AK 74 mags and loaded them each with 20 rounds (I didn't try to load more than that).  They worked really well and I didn't even have to mod them!  The mags only cost $10 each.  I also took some Bulgarian "Circle 10" 5.56x45 mags that I moded by filing down the back a bit.  Those work the best.  No feeding issues at all.  I really like my Romy SAR 3.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Shockwave Clipped & Pinned SUO Lower on Century Arms C93 Sporter HK 93 Clone

Here is the first part of a review for the clipped and pinned SUO lower housings from Shockwave.

The lower is made for all HK weapons and clones, and is German-made for a Malaysian contract. I really like it.  The trigger pack from my C93 dropped right into the SUO lower.  The SUO lower looks a lot better than the Navy style housing that came with the rifle.

                                           The next step is to take it out to the range.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

SAR 3 5.56x45 AK Rifle Sighted in at the Range

I took my SAR 3 and AK sight adjustment tool over to the range to sight it in at about 25 yards.  It was a lot of fun and zeroed in quite well.  One of the guys there commented on how he liked AK's and like the wood furniture on mine.  I let him try it and he really liked it.  He didn't know that some AK's are chambered for the 5.56x45 round and thought that was pretty cool.  He let me shoot his Rock River Arms AR pistol.  He had a nice red dot on it, and it was pretty fun too.

Here are some pics of my SAR 3 with the Sedona red Bulgarian wood  furniture that I refinished.  I took some Bulgy AK 74 mags and loaded them each with 20 rounds (I didn't try to load more than that).  They worked!  The mags only cost $10 each.  A day at the range is a good day indeed.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

SAR 3 5.56x45 AK Rifle

I finally got to test out my SAR 3 5.56x45 AK Rifle and the Bulgarian Circle 10 magazines that I modified to fit it.  These are the mags that I use on my Arsenal SLR 106fr.  I wasn't sure if they'd work.  They sure did!  No failures of any kind, and the mod was so easy.  It was just a matter of filing down the back of the mag until it fit.The rifle also came with a modified AK 74 mag.  It feeds ok, as long as it contains no more than 20 rounds.

My SAR 3 shoots really well.  It was not sighted in, so but I got it pretty close.  I may go to the range today to zero it.  I really like this rifle.  I've liked the idea of an AK in 5.56/.223 since I first bought a WASR 3 (junk).  I can't wait to get out there and shoot with this rifle again!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Win 1000 rounds of .380 ACP Ammo from Lucky Gunner and the Firearm Blog!

Listen up folks, one of my favorite firearms blogs, The Firearm Blog and Lucky Gunner have gotten together to host a sweet little contest. They are giving the winner 1,000 rounds of .380 ACP ammo! Now that's quite nice. You can check it out here and enjoy all the great firearm articles, videos and pics that the Firearm Blog brings us each week. The Firearm Blog is my favorite source for some of the latest firearms related info out there. So, check them out and don't forget to stop by the Lucky Gunner for your ammo needs as well.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Arsenal SGL 20 AKM with Blond Wood Furniture

This Independence Day weekend James and I tried out the Arsenal SGL 20 Russian Izhmash AKM. This is one nice rifle. Nice finish, build and accurate out of the box. I put some Ironwood blond furniture on it. It came with some nice plum furniture, but I really dig the blond look. No failures of any kind with this rifle. I got a great deal on this rifle a while back when K-VAR had their big "stimulus" sale. If I had the funds, I'd buy another.

Here's how it started out:



And here it is now:




Here's the video of James and I with the Arsenal SGL 20.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blonde Wood AK Furniture

I have some Bulgy AK 74 wood furniture that I stripped the lacquer from and refinished in order to give it the blonde look.

This is what is started out as:

This is the look I wanted:

I used Formby's Paint & Poly Remover, some brushes, sandpaper, a plastic scrapper, Oxyclean and Minwax "Natural" stain to do this project.

I first applied Formby's Paint & Poly Remover (a gelatinous substance) with a brush to the wood and let it set in for about 30+ minutes. I then used a plastic scrapper to remove the old stain that bubbled up to the surface (kind of weird/cool).


Once it dried, I sanded off the excess gunk (stain) with some light grit sandpaper. I cleaned off the wood and then I used a strong mix of OxyClean and water (in a small tub) to bleach the wood after stripping it.


Here is how the Oxyclean bleached it.



I let the wood dry for about a week and then I sanded it and applied the first coat of Minwax "Natural" stain. Well, it did not turn out to be blond, but it looks nice. I should have just used Shellac or maybe a Golden Pecan stain.





I got a ton of help from the nice guys at and Let me know if you need any help attempting this. I plan on doing more refinishing in the future and I'll be glad to share any tips with you. I'd love to hear your tips as well.




My SAR 3 (AK in 5.56) Rifle

Well, after much debate, I broke down and bought a SAR 3 rifle. I used to own a WASR 3, and had to take it back to the store where I bought it. That rifle was a jam-o-matic joke. The quality and finish were poor and it no matter which mags (Weiger East German or the Romanian versions) the rifle experience FTF's and FTE's. I was really disappointed, as the concept of an AK 74 style rifle in 5.56 really appealed to me.

Here's what an out of the box WASR 3 looks like (rough wood and finish, non threaded barrel).

I did quite a lot of reseatch before I bought my SAR 3, and found a good deal on Gun Broker. The rifle came with black, polymer furniture. It was pretty nice, but as I already have a nice set on my SLR-160fr, I wanted to use some Bulgarian AK 74 wood furniture. I attempted to bleach the wood in order to give it a blond look, but that didn't work out. I do like the way it turned out though.

I had to mod a Bugarian 5.56 "Circle 10" mag to fit the rifle. The rifle came with a bakelite AK style mag that's labled 5.56. I haven't taken the rifle to the range yet, but I will do that this coming Independence Day weekend and post the video. I think I'm going to take out my recently deceased Hoover vacuum cleaner!

Glock 23 Pistol (James and I at the range) 40 Cal.

I know that it's been a while since I've last posted anything, but I was able to go to the range with my friend James the other weekend. It was his first time with a Glock 23, or .40 cal pistol for that matter. I was there to let off some steam after a brutal work week in corporate America. I thought that James would like it, so I asked him to come along. We both had a lot of fun.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

P.O.F. p415 (HK 416 clone) with Barska red dot


I took out my P.O.F. p415 (HK 416 clone) with Barska Electro Sight red dot optic. The red dot sight works pretty well, and is sighted in at about 25 yards. I used PMC 55 grain ammo and got pretty good results. I really like my P.O.F. p415. It's accurate, easily modified, a bit on the heavy side, but really a great rifle. It has an "18 heavy barrel and a great HK style front sight. I use a Stag Arms lower with the POF upper and I've had good luck with just about all the mags I've used. I bought some Tapco mags for $10 a piece and they work great so far. I really like the Korean HK 416 knock-off magazines as well. The POF p415 upper is a bit pricey, but if you want quality and accuracy, POF is the way to go. If I had the money, I'd like to get one of their 7.62x51 (.308) models.

Lone Wolf 40-9 (9mm) Conversion Barrel for Glock 23 (.40 cal)

I bought a Lone Wolf 40-9mm conversion barrel for my Glock 23, along with some KCI after market Glock 19 mags. I bought four magazines that came with mag pouches. All four of them worked without a hitch. Not bad for $40 total. I wasn't sure how the 40-9 conversion barrel would perform, but it was FANTASTIC! I just dropped it in and used the Glock 19 mags. I didn't have to change out the ejector or anything else. The barrel was really accurate, and was basically point and shoot. It only cost $99 and I can now shoot lead (sans jacket) bullets without worrying about a KB.

I had a lot of fun shooting with my LW 40-9 barrel and went through about 300 rounds in two different sessions. The shots were fired mostly from about 20 feet, but some were at the 5-7 range. My wife LOVED it! I recommend this barrel to those who want to save money while practicing, but want to have a .40 cal pistol at the same time.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Glock 23 Review

It's been a while since I last posted anything, so I thought that I'd write a bit about my new purchase. Last weekend at the gun show I picked up a Glock 23, which is a .40 S&W mid sized pistol. It came with two standard 13 round magazines. The 40 S&W ammo isn't cheap, but it's less expensive than 45 ACP ammo. I also just ordered a Lone Wolf 9mm barrel that can be used in my G23. I can use Glock 9mm mags with it too, so that's really cool. The Glock 23 is a rally nice pistol, with not much reccoil and the 40 S&W round isn't bad to shoot at all. I really like the 45 ACP round, so smaller rounds were a step down recoil wise. I had one failure to eject, but I that's part of the break in process. It was fun to shoot and I can't wait to get out there again. I want to use it as my CCW once I get the permit. Here is my short review and some video and pics as well. Enjoy!