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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ex-hippy contractor holds back Taliban assault with his AK-47

Check out this amazing story of an ex-hippy contractor holding off the Taliban in an intense gun battle that lasted two hours. He ended up saving the lives of 24 people. Now this is the kind of story we could hear more of in the news.


US PALM AK30 polymer AK 7.62x39 mag

I don't know the quality of this magazine, as I just saw this tonight on the forums, but it looks pretty cool! Now, once the price drops to about $15 per mag, I'll be willing to try it. Or maybe the guys from US PALM will send me a couple to test and report on! I would love to have some in Bakelite. In the meantime, here's a summary from the link on

October 5, 2009 (Scottsdale, AZ) – US Primary Armament & Logistical Manufacturing (US PALM) is proud to announce the introduction of our first product, the AK30 Magazine. The AK30 is 100% made in the USA. This new 30 round magazine fits all AK-47 rifles that use a detachable double-stack magazine. The AK30 is constructed of proprietary aerospace polymers from TangoDown, and its unique features and purpose-built design set itself apart from other polymer magazines.

We eliminated the removable floor plate so the magazine became a five-sided box. This unique design helped increase the strength and durability of the AK30, and utilizing the latest polymers makes this one of the most durable magazines on the planet. After molding, we permanently bond the body and end-cap together with molecular level adhesives, so no disassembly is possible or required. The AK30 has a unique low-friction semi-floating follower that is slotted to allow for easy cleaning and hassle-free maintenance. To clean it, dunk the magazine in hot soapy water, rinse, and invert to drain. The AK30 features a premium chromium-silicon spring that is heat treated, stress relieved and moly-coated and is rated for 100,000+ cycles.

The AK30 is more than just a pretty face. This magazine was designed with a purpose. A stainless steel cage is molded into the top of the magazine to reinforce the feed lips and locking surfaces. The aggressive ridges on the front and rear allow a positive purchase when seating the AK30 into a rifle. The deep waffle pattern on the magazine's sides assist in rapid extraction from mag pouches. Every surface of the AK30 was given careful consideration to benefit the operator working in the world's harshest conditions.

We took input from numerous industry professionals: real world operators, military and police active duty personnel, firearms instructors, manufacturing experts, and polymer industry chemists. We asked questions and when they spoke – we listened. We did our research to ensure the AK30 would be successful from day one.

The AK30 will be available by the end of this month in Black, FDE, and Bakelite colors for $29.95.

For developments on this and other products visit

Holy Smokes Arsenal Sales Madness!

I've been interested in buying an Arsenal 106 "FR" AK in 5.56 for quite some time now. The cheapest I could find one, was maybe a used one for about $850. I even considered buy a Saiga in .223 and having it converted by Dan the local gunsmith. However, to make it look like I want to, I figured that I'd have to spend around $800 with parts, shipping and labor. As I was about to throw down around $850 for a used Arsenal 106FR, I did one last internet search and......WOW!!! K-Var, along with Arsenal is offering a huge special. They've cut prices on almost all of their rifles. I order my Arsenal 106FR (model with the side scope) for $699! I also order an SLG-21 (7.62x39) model with plum furniture! I just couldn't resist. So, I thought that I'd spread the good word on this deal.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Century Arms M72 Yugoslavian variant of the RPK

I just sold my Century Arms M72 Yugoslavian variant of the RPK, chambered in 7.62x39 mm. The rifle is made from a combination of original Zastava-produced Yugoslavian RPK rifle parts and U.S.-manufactured compliance parts. The rifle has the following features:
• U.S. "D.C. Industries, Inc." reinforced stamped receiver
• Folding bipod
• Threaded muzzle with either a Krink flash hider
• Heavy barrel with cooling fins
• Hand refinished and stained wood furniture to give it an enhanced, darker hue.
• Tapco G2 trigger

This is by far the most accurate and well built AK type rifle that I've fired and owned. The rifle is top notch in quality and build. It's a real treat see what this weapon can do. My brother and took it to a police range and tested it at 100 yards. The rifle is really accurate. The bi-pod on this rifle makes it a great bench shooter. You could even put a scope on this baby. In fact, I've seen it done. I was able to shoot milk jugs and then hit them again on their way back down, while they were still airborne! The rifle is a bit on the heavy side, but that's due to it's solid frame and heavy barrel. I refinished and stained the wood myself, as I love to re-do wood rifle furniture. I sold it to fund my next purchase (Arsenal SLR-106 "FR"). I'll do a write-up on that and post the range report once I get to take it out. I highly recommend the Yugo M72 if you have the desire to own a great RPK and have a ton of fun. I appologise for the quality here, but it's the only video I have of the rifle. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grozovye vorota (STORMGATES )

Yes, more Ak-74's, RPG's and BMP's than you could shake an Islamofascist at!

Grozovye vorota (STORMGATES )

Oh yes, more Russian-Chechen conflict action! This one's called Grozovye vorota. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

AK-74...finally comes around stateside

I've been interested in the AK-74 rifle for quite a while. Over the past year or so, corrosive, cold war era 5.45X39 ammo has been made available in bulk and become quite popular. Wolf imports some non corrosive 5.45X39 ammo as well. The corrosive stuff cost about $89 for 1,080 rounds when it first came out. Now that's a steal, as long as you don't mind doing a hardcore cleaning of your weapon to combat those corrosive salts. During the Obama ammo and weapon madness (which still isn't quite over)the price on 5.45X39 ammo just couldn't be beat. This ammo became so popular that S&W even started making upper receivers chambered for this round. An "AR" type rifle firing a commie round? You better believe it! Well, aside from the Polish Tantal rifles, and the odd AR upper, there weren't many choices for AK-74 type rifles...until now. There are several importers and companies building AK-74 rifles now. The prices are really good to. I saw some AK-74 kits at the gun show today for $299, so the option to build your own is there, but there are some nice all ready built rifles too. AIM Surplus has several models for sale. I've seen a Century Arms model for around $470.

Another company called TGI is selling their builds. One web site has them for $499. I have yet to see the TGI built AK-74's in person, but have heard varying reports on the quality of these builds (poor rivotting jobs, and spotty tack welds).

In Range models go for about $100 more, but the report on these builds seems to justify the price difference.

I just love the way the AK-74 rifle looks. The flash hiders are my favorite feature. Even the non-corrosive 5.45X39 ammo is less expensive than most 7.62X39 ammo. However, in trying to consolidate ammo calibers (I have 2 rifles in 7.62X39 and two in 5.45X45), I may have to hold off on an AK-74 purchase for the moment. They sure look like fun though.

Here are some videos comparing the standard M-16 to the Ak-74.

Here's one of some soldiers using an AK-74 during training.

Saiga .223 conversion dilemma continues...

I just got back from the Dixie Gun & Knife show here in Charlotte, NC. It was pretty decent this time. I could kick myself for not taking my camera. Forget about the firearms, I could spend all day just people watching. I don't have the guts to just start snapping off photos though. Somehow, me taking picture of random folks armed to the teeth would work.

Anyway, I've been thinking about getting an Arsenal SLR-106 "F" model AK clone in 5.56 ever since I traded in my WASR-3. Although that rifle was poorly made, while it worked, it was really fun. The Arsenal brand is well known for the quality work they do on their AK builds, however they also charge a pretty penny for it. So, in order to cut back on costs, I've been considering buying a Saiga .223 rifle and converting it. After doing the math, seems that it may almost cost the same to convert the Saiga into an AK-101 look alike, as just buying an Arsenal 106F. I know that a partial conversion of the Saiga can be done, and made to look pretty cool, for around $630 (gunsmithing labor cluded), but I'd like to go all out. The guys at DPH Arms specialize in all things AK related, and Saiga conversion in particular. They have even come up with a flash hider that bolts onto the front sight block of the Saiga. This would save you from having to changes the FSB or thread the fron of the Saiga barrel.

There really are some cool modifications that minimize the gunsmithing necessary to convert a Saiga from the "hunting rifle" look that they arrive in the States in, and into more of an AKM weapon. If you're intersted in doing so there are several sights that cater to the conversion enthusiast. I do recomend DPH Arms, as their staff was really friendly and very knowledgible about doing the coversion. They also have that nice "hook on" flash hider. So, check them out.

Saiga Phantom Flash Hider and Retaining Clip

Here's another really well illustrated Saiga .223 conversion.

proryv (Breakthrough - part VI)

proryv (Breakthrough - part V)

proryv (Breakthrough - part III)


proryv (Breakthrough - part II)

More action....

proryv (Breakthrough)

Here is another Russian war piece. I read that this film is based on the Russian-Chechen conflict, and centers around real events from the 6th Rota,(104th Pskov division VDV) during a hilltop in Chechnya. It seems a bit cheesy, but has some great action scenes and more AK-74 footage.

I'm not pro Russian military, but I'm no Muslim terrorist lover either. I know, I know, there are always two sides to every story. Anyway, enjoy the action.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

9ya rota - 9th Company (additional battle scenes)

Yet more intense action from Afghanistan.


Here's a really great Russian / Finnish film about the Soviet war in Afghanistan. The movie came out in 2005. It follows a group of young recruits from a their time back home, during their intense training, and culminates with an intense mountain top battle in Afghanistan against the mujahideen.

The film is mainly based on events which took place in early 1988 during the last large-scale Soviet military operation "Magistral". This film was given the Golden Eagle Award for the Best Feature Film by the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts. It's interesting to see the similarities in the combat that took place then, and what the Allied troops (mostly US) are facing now. The reason for our involvement is completely different though. Regardless of your politics, the action in this movie is fantastic. It's also really cool to see all the AK-74's, which are starting to make their way to our (US) civilian market in large numbers (semi auto versions that is). I have linked clips of the major battle scenes. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rock River Arms LAR-9

Let's face it, the price of ammo has been at what seems to be an all time high recently, and shows no major signs of coming down any time soon. Many people have considered switching from their standard "battle rifle" to something a bit cheaper. Many of the big companies are making dedicated .22lr M4/AR type rifles, upper receivers or conversion kits. ATI even makes an HK 94 clone in .22lr. Well, that may be alright for some, but I prefer something with a bit more power behind it. Following this urge to shoot, but retain some power, Rock River Arms presents the LAR-9. This rifle pretty much looks like a standard AR, but fires the 9x19mm round.
The LAR-9 rifle comes in either A2 or A4 style upper receiver models. It has a slightly smaller ejection port for the Luger 9mm cartridge. The rifle does not use the standard AR gas system, but uses straight blow back method. The rifle uses modified UZI mags and other special 9mm carbine magazines. David M. Fortier of Tactical Gun Fan wrote about it. It sounds to be just the trick to combat high ammo prices while still having fun with your EBR.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Reality of the British Gun Ban

On one of the forums that I read and participate in, I came across a great article written by one of the members. It's an article about the false promises of gun control in the UK. The author is English, but now lives in the US and has served in the British Army.
This story illustrates how violent crime is still quite present in the UK and how the vacuum left by firearms has begun to be replaced by knives. In fact, knives are even on the endangered list now! So much so, that there is an "anti-stab" knife in stores.

He gave me permission to link to his site, so that you can enjoy it as well.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Saiga .223 conversion by Stu Olsen

I've been interested owning another AK variant in 5.56X45mm (.223) ever since I had to get rid of my WASR-3. The WASR-3 was a really cool concept, but poorly constructed. It was a jam-o-matic. I really like the look and feel of AK type rifles in 5.56X45. I would love to have an Arsenal 106FR rifle, but they cost around 1K on the cheap end! I've heard really good things about Saiga .223 rifles, and converting them to appear more like AKM's. The intial cost of the rifle (pre conversion and parts needed to do so) may be around $350. The parts and gunsmithing work may be about $300 more. I'm no gunsmith, nor do I have the equipment to attempt it. I do plan on buying a base model Saiga .223 and having the conversion done by a local gunsmith. However, for those of you who'd like to give it a shot, here is a very informative and extremely well illustrated tutorial that I've come accross.

It's always great to be able to see information like this for do it yourself jobs. I hope this helps those of you who'd like to own an AK type rifle in 5.56 and don't have a grand lying around.



Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mainstream Media's Guide to Firearms

I'm not sure where this post originated (it wasn't my creation), but I found it to be kind of funny and all to true.

Old Crackles Smooth Moves in Covent Garden (London, UK)

This old gal was throwing down some serious moves...(she's nuts!) in Covent Garden. My friend Cathy took this footage on her last trip to visit to our friends the Higgins this past week.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Century Arms c93 Sporter (HK 93 clone) test fire

My wife and I took out my Century Arms C93 Sporter out for the first time. I used Wolf 55 grain .223 FMJ ammo. I was SO EXCITED for weeks to try out my new rifle. Well, the first round went off just fine, and then...FTE time! Failure to extract. It wouldn't extract the spent casing, but the next round fed right in beneath it! Aghhhh!!!! Well that did it. I was so mad! After about 10 mintues of messing with the cocking tube and seeing that the bolt would not close all the way, I thought that I'd better try it again. BOOM, round fired successfully, but it was still a bolt action NIGHTMARE!!! So, I went through about 30 rounds like that. Then it happened, the gun went into action (semi-auto that is). After that, I went through about 150 rounds, FTE free! I guess it just needed to be broken in.

As luck would have it, the camera died before I could film it! I'll post more footage just as soon as I get out there again. I have to thank my lovely wife for being such a good sport and going with me! I love her.

1 million fps Slow Motion video of bullet impacts

Check out this video of the impact various bullets have at a rate of 1 million fps (in slow motion). It was made by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit. Pretty cool stuff! I would love to get my hands on some ballistic gelatin. It's not cheap. Oh, well.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Century Arms Inc. C93 Sporter 5.56

The Century Arms Inc. C93 Sporter is a semi-auto rifle that fires the .223/5.56 round. It has a 16" barrel and has a black finish. The furniture on mine is almost beaded in appearance. My rifle came with 2 40 rd. mags, a carry handle, polymer 2 position trigger housing, and a bayonet.
This rifle is a Heckler & Koch HK93 clone. I have yet to shoot it, but I have heard good reports from various sources, so I'm pretty excited. I hope to take it out tomorrow and shoot some video footage, which I'll post. I've been interested in this rifle ever since I learned about the HK 93 original version.

Here's a bit taken from Wikipedia about the HK 93:

HK93 Overview

It is not entirely clear why Heckler & Koch re-designated the HK43 as the HK93 later in 1974. Part of the reason could have been to change the public’s perception of the rifle from a paramilitary-type weapon to a semi-automatic sporting rifle, which is indicatd by the "9". After 1975, Heckler & Koch took over their own U.S. importation, which might have prompted the change in name to HK93. In any case, the HK43 and the HK93 are pretty much identical and all the parts are interchangeable.
[edit] Characteristics
HK93 as shown in a 1980 H&K Firearms Brochure.

The major difference between the HK43 and the HK93 is that the HK93s came with 16.125-inch barrels (17.5 inches of overall length with an attached flash suppressor). Moreover, the barrels were threaded, as opposed to the HK43 barrels which had splines, so that the flash suppressors could be screwed on and welded.

Up until around 1980, the HK93s came with buffered bolt carriers and an all plastic A2 stock just like the HK43s had. The stock had a urethane insert in the back for the buffer on bolt carrier to strike during recoil. After 1980, H&K switched to the non-buffered bolt carriers.

There were only 52 HK93s produced in 1974. For these, H&K dropped the month from the date code and replaced it with the number "19" in order to completely spell out the year of manufacture. Since they were built on surplus HK43 receivers, the end result was "19/74". For the 1975 models, they stamped the year without the "/" in the middle.

So, if you're an HK fan, you can see why I thought it might be a treat to own an affordable version of this famous rifle. Here are some more pics of mine. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Infamy (Official HD trailer)

OK guys and gals, it's time to n3rd out for a bit. As much as I enjoy real firearms and spending time at the range, it's also a blast playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The newest version of COD Modern Warfare comes out next month! I can't wait. Although, my wife isn't quite as excited... Here are some trailers and in game clips.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The ultimate fortress (just about anything's for sale)

Just in case you think you can sit and wait it out in an apocalyptic scenario, you now have several choices of key real estate. That's IF you have the funds to do so. These are decommissioned missile bases, left over from the Cold War. I'm not sure how reasonable this may be, but it sure is interesting. Check it out!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WASR-3 (5.56 / .223 rifle) failure to extract

Here's James testing out my WASR-3. It took us a while to figure out the metal of the chamber was heating up and I guess, tightening (swelling), thus causing a FTE after every 50-60 rounds. We had to try different ammo and mags to test it. Was a fun, yet frustrating rifle! Those Weiger 5.56 mags are really cool and well made. A bit expensive though.

WASR-3 5.56 .223 rifle

Here's some footage of Collin shooting my WASR-3 (5.56 / .223 rifle). It was so much fun to shoot, but regardless of the ammo used, it would overheat and jam after about 50-60 rounds! Man, what a let down. It was fun while it lasted though. I traded it back to the store for credit and bought a Springfield XD45! Now that pistol ROCKS! If only I could afford the 45 ACP ammo to shoot it. I'm gonna get a Saiga in .223 and convert it. I really liked having an AKM clone in 5.56.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

clay shoot with the 20 gauge

The boys with the 20 gauge, shooting skeet for the first time. It wasn't hard, and we had a ton of fun!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ok, this is the last of it...

...the last video from our V-Day shooting session.

More Valentine's Day footage with Tiffany

Here's a bit more of that day. What an awesome woman I have! A natural shooter. Oh, I forgot to mention that her ancestor is Wyatt Earp.

T's V-Day slideshow

This was my first Valentine's Day with my wife. So what did we do? We went shooting! It was her first time and she did really well. She shot my XD45 and MP5 clone (Coharie CA 94). We had a blast! I love my wife...!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

P.O.F. p415 gas piston shooting

Here is some footage of my brother and I and the country in North Carolina shooting my P.O.F. p415 gas piston upper, on a Stag Arms lower. The gas piston upper receiver is fantastic and if I had the money I'd buy another. There's nothing like shooting old cans, milk jugs, and stuff in the country.

Trouble Loves Me

Here's some footage of my bro. Nate shooting my P.O.F. p415 gas piston upper.

J. G. Anschutz Deutsches Sportmodell WWII KDF Rifle

This story is about the WW II German training rifle that my grandfather brought back from the war. As far back as I can remember, it sat in storage at my grandparens' home in Ohio. When we'd visit, (if we were lucky) my dad would take it out and let us hold it. The rifle was designed to realistically imitate the feel and function of the standard 98K Mauser. It sure looked the part. I always thought that the 98K was the coolest rifle ever; and for so long it seemed as though this was the closest that I'd ever get to the real deal.

It is a 4MM indoor training rifle. That means that it was designed to be shot indoors! How fun would that be? Well, I never got to find out. This is a “Buscher” model. I have learned that Buscher was a personal friend of Max Anschutz and a renown gun dealer in Germany. This is his "private label" firearm. It was made by Anschutz for him. This particular rifle with the Nazi proof is extremely rare. The top of the receiver ring is marked with a DAF/KDF Kraft Durch Freude (Strength Through Joy)Sunwheel logo and states “Eigentum Des Sportamies”. The top of the rear section of the barrel is marked “Germania Waffenwerk AG Zella- Mehlis. Kal 4MM Lang.”

The rifle is in excellent condition after all those years. The markings/proofs are in fantastic condition and very rare. I couldn't find a whole lot of info on the rifle, even after contact the manufacturer at Anschutz. I've seen other similar rifles, but not with the KDF and nazi markings. Anyway, I ended up selling it not too long ago to a gentleman who will be putting it to good use. He's gonna shoot it! Wow! I'd love to find out how accurate it is. Here are some pics. Enjoy!