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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lone Wolf 40-9 (9mm) Conversion Barrel for Glock 23 (.40 cal)

I bought a Lone Wolf 40-9mm conversion barrel for my Glock 23, along with some KCI after market Glock 19 mags. I bought four magazines that came with mag pouches. All four of them worked without a hitch. Not bad for $40 total. I wasn't sure how the 40-9 conversion barrel would perform, but it was FANTASTIC! I just dropped it in and used the Glock 19 mags. I didn't have to change out the ejector or anything else. The barrel was really accurate, and was basically point and shoot. It only cost $99 and I can now shoot lead (sans jacket) bullets without worrying about a KB.

I had a lot of fun shooting with my LW 40-9 barrel and went through about 300 rounds in two different sessions. The shots were fired mostly from about 20 feet, but some were at the 5-7 range. My wife LOVED it! I recommend this barrel to those who want to save money while practicing, but want to have a .40 cal pistol at the same time.

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  1. Thank you i enjoyed watching, i am 70 and i went to a gun show yesterday and bought a Glock 27. i am concerned about the recoil. So i am going to try the Lone Wolf barrow, with the 9 conversion. thank you Hussky