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Saturday, October 9, 2010

First Real Day of Fall 2010 Shooting Session

My bro. and I took went to the range on what seemed to be the first real day of autumn in the Southeast. Finally, some range time where we were shooting and not sweating bullets.

We took some of the Tula .223 62 grain HP ammo out and sighted in my AR, which didn't like the stuff at all. I had several stuck casings after about 30 rounds. :(

My SAR 3 loved it though. I am tempted to try some of the Wolf 55 gr. ammo in my AR to compare it to the Tula. I don't remember if Wolf is made at the Tula factory or Uly.

Oh, I thought that I through in some mock tactical action for laughs. No offense to those who are serious about that stuff.

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  1. It reminds of my first day of outdoor shooting, at that time i have Ak-15 Gun