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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Romy SAR 3 Review

As I mentioned before, I have several different mags for my Romanian SAR 3 5.56x45 AK.  I love AK type rifles in 5.56x45, but the lack of standardized mags is a bit of a drawback.  However, with a bit of modification, several types of magazines can be used.  A few do not even need to be moded. 

The rifle came with what I believe is a modified AK 74 mag done by CAI.  The floorplate says .223, but it only feeds well with about 20 rounds.  I bought some Bulgy AK 74 mags and loaded them each with 20 rounds (I didn't try to load more than that).  They worked really well and I didn't even have to mod them!  The mags only cost $10 each.  I also took some Bulgarian "Circle 10" 5.56x45 mags that I moded by filing down the back a bit.  Those work the best.  No feeding issues at all.  I really like my Romy SAR 3.

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