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Sunday, August 8, 2010

SAR 3 5.56x45 AK Rifle Sighted in at the Range

I took my SAR 3 and AK sight adjustment tool over to the range to sight it in at about 25 yards.  It was a lot of fun and zeroed in quite well.  One of the guys there commented on how he liked AK's and like the wood furniture on mine.  I let him try it and he really liked it.  He didn't know that some AK's are chambered for the 5.56x45 round and thought that was pretty cool.  He let me shoot his Rock River Arms AR pistol.  He had a nice red dot on it, and it was pretty fun too.

Here are some pics of my SAR 3 with the Sedona red Bulgarian wood  furniture that I refinished.  I took some Bulgy AK 74 mags and loaded them each with 20 rounds (I didn't try to load more than that).  They worked!  The mags only cost $10 each.  A day at the range is a good day indeed.


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