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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The great outdoors

I went to my friend Scott's place to try out some new mags, rifles, and for a bonfire. We tested his Colt M4 .22lr tactical rifle, which was really nice. I got to fire an M&P 40c that one of his police buddies brought. I thought that it would be somewhat awkward to hold, due to its small size, but it was really ergonomical and I had no trouble with it at all. Even with the shortened grip it handled nicely. It was pretty accurate too. I took one of the new Tapco AR 30 round polymer magazines that I picked up at the last gun show for $10. It feed well and seems to be a good buy. At $10, I'd buy some more. I used the mag on his Bushmaster AR type rifle (I don't recall the model). That rifle shoots really well and ate up the Wolf 62 gr. and PMC .223 ammo. We fired a Mossberg 500 and an intersting Colt 22. As it got dark we made our way to the bonfire that was built like a tepee, and grilled some dogs. It was another fun day at the range.

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