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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Springfield XD 45 ACP

It had been a while since I shot my Springfield XD 45 ACP since the ammo is so expensive. My brothers wanted to shoot it, so they bought some ammo and I took out a box of Remington 230 grain ACP. I have only fired a handful of handguns, but the Springfield XD models are so far, my favorites. I got to shoot the XD 9mm model at a local range and loved it so I bought the 45 ACP one as a step up. There's hardly any recoil and it's pretty much point and shoot. It's really accurate and the ergonomics are great. The standard magazine holds 13 rounds, plus one in the tube. I have some spare mags for it, along with the holster it came with. It's just so fun to shoot. Get one or try out a friend's!

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