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Saturday, October 24, 2009

AK-74...finally comes around stateside

I've been interested in the AK-74 rifle for quite a while. Over the past year or so, corrosive, cold war era 5.45X39 ammo has been made available in bulk and become quite popular. Wolf imports some non corrosive 5.45X39 ammo as well. The corrosive stuff cost about $89 for 1,080 rounds when it first came out. Now that's a steal, as long as you don't mind doing a hardcore cleaning of your weapon to combat those corrosive salts. During the Obama ammo and weapon madness (which still isn't quite over)the price on 5.45X39 ammo just couldn't be beat. This ammo became so popular that S&W even started making upper receivers chambered for this round. An "AR" type rifle firing a commie round? You better believe it! Well, aside from the Polish Tantal rifles, and the odd AR upper, there weren't many choices for AK-74 type rifles...until now. There are several importers and companies building AK-74 rifles now. The prices are really good to. I saw some AK-74 kits at the gun show today for $299, so the option to build your own is there, but there are some nice all ready built rifles too. AIM Surplus has several models for sale. I've seen a Century Arms model for around $470.

Another company called TGI is selling their builds. One web site has them for $499. I have yet to see the TGI built AK-74's in person, but have heard varying reports on the quality of these builds (poor rivotting jobs, and spotty tack welds).

In Range models go for about $100 more, but the report on these builds seems to justify the price difference.

I just love the way the AK-74 rifle looks. The flash hiders are my favorite feature. Even the non-corrosive 5.45X39 ammo is less expensive than most 7.62X39 ammo. However, in trying to consolidate ammo calibers (I have 2 rifles in 7.62X39 and two in 5.45X45), I may have to hold off on an AK-74 purchase for the moment. They sure look like fun though.

Here are some videos comparing the standard M-16 to the Ak-74.

Here's one of some soldiers using an AK-74 during training.

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