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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Century Arms M72 Yugoslavian variant of the RPK

I just sold my Century Arms M72 Yugoslavian variant of the RPK, chambered in 7.62x39 mm. The rifle is made from a combination of original Zastava-produced Yugoslavian RPK rifle parts and U.S.-manufactured compliance parts. The rifle has the following features:
• U.S. "D.C. Industries, Inc." reinforced stamped receiver
• Folding bipod
• Threaded muzzle with either a Krink flash hider
• Heavy barrel with cooling fins
• Hand refinished and stained wood furniture to give it an enhanced, darker hue.
• Tapco G2 trigger

This is by far the most accurate and well built AK type rifle that I've fired and owned. The rifle is top notch in quality and build. It's a real treat see what this weapon can do. My brother and took it to a police range and tested it at 100 yards. The rifle is really accurate. The bi-pod on this rifle makes it a great bench shooter. You could even put a scope on this baby. In fact, I've seen it done. I was able to shoot milk jugs and then hit them again on their way back down, while they were still airborne! The rifle is a bit on the heavy side, but that's due to it's solid frame and heavy barrel. I refinished and stained the wood myself, as I love to re-do wood rifle furniture. I sold it to fund my next purchase (Arsenal SLR-106 "FR"). I'll do a write-up on that and post the range report once I get to take it out. I highly recommend the Yugo M72 if you have the desire to own a great RPK and have a ton of fun. I appologise for the quality here, but it's the only video I have of the rifle. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the review, I'm looking at one on AIM Surplus, right now. I know some CAI stuff can be hit or miss (especially those WASR rifles), glad this one is a hit!

  2. I've always heard the Yugo to be better. I might want to check into the Yugo RPK (M70). Has a better feel, both in strength and weight.

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  3. This rifle is a copy but not a direct copy of a Soviet RPK light machine gun. Always bear in mind to use it wisely.

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  4. This rifle might harm anyone so be careful in using this thing.