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Friday, October 9, 2009

Century Arms Inc. C93 Sporter 5.56

The Century Arms Inc. C93 Sporter is a semi-auto rifle that fires the .223/5.56 round. It has a 16" barrel and has a black finish. The furniture on mine is almost beaded in appearance. My rifle came with 2 40 rd. mags, a carry handle, polymer 2 position trigger housing, and a bayonet.
This rifle is a Heckler & Koch HK93 clone. I have yet to shoot it, but I have heard good reports from various sources, so I'm pretty excited. I hope to take it out tomorrow and shoot some video footage, which I'll post. I've been interested in this rifle ever since I learned about the HK 93 original version.

Here's a bit taken from Wikipedia about the HK 93:

HK93 Overview

It is not entirely clear why Heckler & Koch re-designated the HK43 as the HK93 later in 1974. Part of the reason could have been to change the public’s perception of the rifle from a paramilitary-type weapon to a semi-automatic sporting rifle, which is indicatd by the "9". After 1975, Heckler & Koch took over their own U.S. importation, which might have prompted the change in name to HK93. In any case, the HK43 and the HK93 are pretty much identical and all the parts are interchangeable.
[edit] Characteristics
HK93 as shown in a 1980 H&K Firearms Brochure.

The major difference between the HK43 and the HK93 is that the HK93s came with 16.125-inch barrels (17.5 inches of overall length with an attached flash suppressor). Moreover, the barrels were threaded, as opposed to the HK43 barrels which had splines, so that the flash suppressors could be screwed on and welded.

Up until around 1980, the HK93s came with buffered bolt carriers and an all plastic A2 stock just like the HK43s had. The stock had a urethane insert in the back for the buffer on bolt carrier to strike during recoil. After 1980, H&K switched to the non-buffered bolt carriers.

There were only 52 HK93s produced in 1974. For these, H&K dropped the month from the date code and replaced it with the number "19" in order to completely spell out the year of manufacture. Since they were built on surplus HK43 receivers, the end result was "19/74". For the 1975 models, they stamped the year without the "/" in the middle.

So, if you're an HK fan, you can see why I thought it might be a treat to own an affordable version of this famous rifle. Here are some more pics of mine. Enjoy!

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