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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saiga .223 conversion dilemma continues...

I just got back from the Dixie Gun & Knife show here in Charlotte, NC. It was pretty decent this time. I could kick myself for not taking my camera. Forget about the firearms, I could spend all day just people watching. I don't have the guts to just start snapping off photos though. Somehow, me taking picture of random folks armed to the teeth would work.

Anyway, I've been thinking about getting an Arsenal SLR-106 "F" model AK clone in 5.56 ever since I traded in my WASR-3. Although that rifle was poorly made, while it worked, it was really fun. The Arsenal brand is well known for the quality work they do on their AK builds, however they also charge a pretty penny for it. So, in order to cut back on costs, I've been considering buying a Saiga .223 rifle and converting it. After doing the math, seems that it may almost cost the same to convert the Saiga into an AK-101 look alike, as just buying an Arsenal 106F. I know that a partial conversion of the Saiga can be done, and made to look pretty cool, for around $630 (gunsmithing labor cluded), but I'd like to go all out. The guys at DPH Arms specialize in all things AK related, and Saiga conversion in particular. They have even come up with a flash hider that bolts onto the front sight block of the Saiga. This would save you from having to changes the FSB or thread the fron of the Saiga barrel.

There really are some cool modifications that minimize the gunsmithing necessary to convert a Saiga from the "hunting rifle" look that they arrive in the States in, and into more of an AKM weapon. If you're intersted in doing so there are several sights that cater to the conversion enthusiast. I do recomend DPH Arms, as their staff was really friendly and very knowledgible about doing the coversion. They also have that nice "hook on" flash hider. So, check them out.

Saiga Phantom Flash Hider and Retaining Clip

Here's another really well illustrated Saiga .223 conversion.

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