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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Century Arms c93 Sporter (HK 93 clone) test fire

My wife and I took out my Century Arms C93 Sporter out for the first time. I used Wolf 55 grain .223 FMJ ammo. I was SO EXCITED for weeks to try out my new rifle. Well, the first round went off just fine, and then...FTE time! Failure to extract. It wouldn't extract the spent casing, but the next round fed right in beneath it! Aghhhh!!!! Well that did it. I was so mad! After about 10 mintues of messing with the cocking tube and seeing that the bolt would not close all the way, I thought that I'd better try it again. BOOM, round fired successfully, but it was still a bolt action NIGHTMARE!!! So, I went through about 30 rounds like that. Then it happened, the gun went into action (semi-auto that is). After that, I went through about 150 rounds, FTE free! I guess it just needed to be broken in.

As luck would have it, the camera died before I could film it! I'll post more footage just as soon as I get out there again. I have to thank my lovely wife for being such a good sport and going with me! I love her.

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