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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The ultimate fortress (just about anything's for sale)

Just in case you think you can sit and wait it out in an apocalyptic scenario, you now have several choices of key real estate. That's IF you have the funds to do so. These are decommissioned missile bases, left over from the Cold War. I'm not sure how reasonable this may be, but it sure is interesting. Check it out!


  1. Nice. You know, the NHTSA is selling "gently" wrecked vehicles with low mileage for insanely low prices. You could go snap up a missile base, and a few of the cars, and POW! Instant fortress. Complete with armored cars and getaway vehicles for those pesky upheavals, haha! Nice to know there's defunct bases for my personal use, haha, it's like the ultimate playground! WOOT!

  2. Yeah, you can buy just about anything now days. I have to admit that if I were rich, I'd really consider it... :o