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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holy Smokes Arsenal Sales Madness!

I've been interested in buying an Arsenal 106 "FR" AK in 5.56 for quite some time now. The cheapest I could find one, was maybe a used one for about $850. I even considered buy a Saiga in .223 and having it converted by Dan the local gunsmith. However, to make it look like I want to, I figured that I'd have to spend around $800 with parts, shipping and labor. As I was about to throw down around $850 for a used Arsenal 106FR, I did one last internet search and......WOW!!! K-Var, along with Arsenal is offering a huge special. They've cut prices on almost all of their rifles. I order my Arsenal 106FR (model with the side scope) for $699! I also order an SLG-21 (7.62x39) model with plum furniture! I just couldn't resist. So, I thought that I'd spread the good word on this deal.

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