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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rock River Arms LAR-9

Let's face it, the price of ammo has been at what seems to be an all time high recently, and shows no major signs of coming down any time soon. Many people have considered switching from their standard "battle rifle" to something a bit cheaper. Many of the big companies are making dedicated .22lr M4/AR type rifles, upper receivers or conversion kits. ATI even makes an HK 94 clone in .22lr. Well, that may be alright for some, but I prefer something with a bit more power behind it. Following this urge to shoot, but retain some power, Rock River Arms presents the LAR-9. This rifle pretty much looks like a standard AR, but fires the 9x19mm round.
The LAR-9 rifle comes in either A2 or A4 style upper receiver models. It has a slightly smaller ejection port for the Luger 9mm cartridge. The rifle does not use the standard AR gas system, but uses straight blow back method. The rifle uses modified UZI mags and other special 9mm carbine magazines. David M. Fortier of Tactical Gun Fan wrote about it. It sounds to be just the trick to combat high ammo prices while still having fun with your EBR.

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